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Every Lidl Helps

In the U.K supermarket chains are making an effort to become more sustainable.
Tesco is one of them, their brand promise it’s also their mission, they believe that “Every little helps”

Especially when it comes to sustainability, Tesco has been working hard to bring their promise to life in
various ways from reducing the use of plastic on packages to fighting food waste. 
Despite all of these
efforts they still don’t have the reputation they want, compared with some competitors.

To remind the nation that when it comes to sustainability “every little helps”
We launched a campaign called: “Every Lidl Helps”

To celebrate our competitor’s sustainability efforts by placing Lidl food donation boxes, Iceland paper packages,
and Sainsbury’s community boxes inside Tesco stores and use this platform to remind costumers what Tesco
has been doing in the same areas.

Showing that in the fight for sustainability: Every Little helps.

Art Director — Nursolehin Yunos
Copywriter — Sebastião Assis
Copywriter — Arief Dharmawan Britantio