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Dance Spot

Most dance challenges we know today have a high number of participants from the Black community.
After much inspiration from some of the dance videos on TIKTOK, we launched “Dance Spot”, a dance
challenge that helps expose body parts infected with Melanoma. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer
that produces pigmented cells that mutate and divide uncontrollably. On black and brown skin,
Melanoma mainly occurs in unexpected areas such as palms, mouth, nose, or nails.

Hence, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in this dance challenge will help recommend choreography
steps that will get an advanced diagnosis of Melanoma based on photos and database information.
As Melanoma is a much more critical issue for Skin of Colours, Dance Spot aims to raise this awareness
through their interest.

Art Director — Nursolehin Yunos
Art Director — Elva Pacheco
Tutor — Shelley Lui